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Game Thread W16 - Pittsburgh V Tennessee (1 Viewer)

Brown and Jones DT, I think Avon Gordon(might be off on name) is the only DT depth today and he was just signed when a CB went on IR

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pittsburgh looks hurried and nervous but holes there to run and heath was open but ugly pass from Roth.(completed 1st down)

Roth throws at Parkers feet, Jones and Brown sack him, poor ad-libbing by Roth on the run.

Big Ben just messed up a gimme drive starting at about the 50.

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Kind of a weird, unrelated to the game question, but will the Steelers have P Sepulveda back next year, or did they have to release him due to the ACL tear?

roth had a nice pass to ward, (good run by parker then two poor blocking runs for nothing) Roth runs to endzone and coughs it up around the 2.

Roth down as they went to break

titans pass to mccariens, then to gage(close to breaking it) then pass out of bounds.

first time they've moved the ball

stepped away a minute, did they say Roth concussion or anything? He didn't look that bad but "shaken up"

titans went at 24 again(taylor) then finally went opposite and Gage caught a TD. Fumble proved costly

Clark got burned pretty bad on that TD play... I can't imagine anyone else being responsible for that part of the field.


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