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Game Thread W17 - Carolina V New Orleans (1 Viewer)

Two TDs in 6 seconds has turned a close game into a 23-3 lead for the Panthers.

In other news, DeAngelo Williams is simply unstoppable right now.

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Panthers are good enough to win the SB. One of the hottest teams in the league right now IMO
The Panthers are good, but they have their flaws, and are certainly beatable. As a Panther fan I prefer to take each game as they come instead of mentioning the SB before they have even played a playoff game.
duece2626 said:
Is Beason playing? No stats in the 1st half for this guy is crazy.
he's playing but (1) the saints aren't running the ball very much and (2) the panthers are owning the TOP with the running game.
With that TD pass Brees is 61 yards from Marino's record with 5 and a half minute left. He just might make it...

Pretty pathetic punt that gave them a short field - but still almost four minutes to go and 16 yards to go...


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