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Game Thread W17 - Dallas V Philadelphia (1 Viewer)

Buckhalter is an underrated (underused) part of this offense. Good between the tackles with a little shake.

The D is playing inspired ball the last few weeks. Looks like more of the same. Offense has to move the ball and not turn it over, and we'll be in Minnesota next week.

Not liking the special teams play so far. The injury to the PN is really a hidden factor in the Cowboys season to go from one of the best to some guy off the street. That said, tackling on special teams has been alarmingly bad all season. I'd like to see more hurry-up offense out of Dallas outside of hurry up situations.

This drive will be telling I think for the game. If the Cowboys can't keep the ball for awhile they may let this one slip away early.

Didnt think our D would ever get off the field there. O needs to hold the ball on a drive and let the D get their bearings back.

That play illustrates PERFECTLY why McNabb is so dangerous and not so easy to replace as some folks would like to believe.


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