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Game Thread W17 - Kansas City V Cincinnati (1 Viewer)

Dang they came close :shrug: and yes I actually did watch the whole game. Very odd in that there were relatively few penalties (10 total) and just 1 turnover between the teams. Neither could rush the passer (the Chiefs set a new NFL season-low with 10, breaking a record set in the strike year). The Bengals looked a lot like they did against Cleveland and Washington grinding out the win. It wasn't aesthetically pleasing but it was nice to see long sustained clock-eating drives. I'm very happy that they kept the effort up. Talent-level is down but heart level seems to be up.

Andre Caldwell was quite the eye-opener :reche: :no: today and I think he has the potential to be an effective replacement for Housh should he be elsewhere next season. Seems like he was the better of our 2 WR draft picks this year, though Simpson sorta was the more raw prospect all along anyhow.

Our prize for passing the Browns? A significantly tougher pair of games on our schedule as we get Houston and the loser of the Dolphins/Jets game instead of Jacksonville and Buffalo.

Here's to getting some new linemen!

Who Dey!



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