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Game Thread W2 - Kansas City @ Oakland (1 Viewer)

Great play by Oakland Special Teams :mellow:In this game, I have Priest / Collins in one league (PPR) Also have some $ on Oakland

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Cmon Priest....get yours before they unleash the Hounds of LJ!!!!!

LOL at the ESON crew ripping on Paul Mcguire. I don't know who said or who he was talking too, but on that 1st down measurement they say "are you going to take over Mcguire's role of guessing 1st downs?" "Uh NO".Is that Sterling Sharpe?

Why is it when I draft Priest, the 16 foot wide holes disappear? :wall:

Best part of this game so far: Joe Theismann is nowhere to be found. ESPN ought to do this more often.

Can't wait to see if that KC "D" we saw last week is the real thing.

Is it me, or did Trent Green look to LJ first on the pass when he was in the backfield with priest? That was an interesting package. I didnt' watch the first game, so I'm wondering if this is a package they are starting to work in.....

Looks likes PH is still the man.. :thumbup:
Well that was 2 series for Priest, we'll see LJ on the next one.
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am I the only one going against Holmes and Green

it's all about Moss and KC FG's :scared:
your the not the only one...but i've got LJ going as well.its a roller coaster of emotions here in the Hydroxybear household....

I thought KC scored why does it sa y 0-0?Ok, now they added the 7, a little late.

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I'm up 35 pts and he has Collins, Porter, and LJ going (and Deuce tomorrow)....let's go Priest!! And keep up the TOs Collins!! ;)


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