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Game Thread W3 - San Diego v. NY Giants (1 Viewer)

Plax not starting...late for meeting.
:hot: :hot: :hot: :hot: I make a great comeback with Witten and Lloyd to take a 5 point lead into tonight, me with Plaxico, other guy with Shockey. 1st play and we are alomost even and Plax is on the bench.

Screw you Coughlin, I hope you are getting your ### kicked until you put Plax in anyway.

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Hot chick in the white tee. Nice belly and rack. Good to see after the ugly girls at Oregon/USC game.

"Outta-bounds Tomlinson"He skips out of bounds one more time when he coulda got more yards cutting inside, they should start calling him that, geez

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So whats the deal with Plaxico? I am playing him in a tight one (he has Shockey too) and is he out for the game, quarter, half?

That San Diego TD drive looked all too easy. Giants D better tighten up, or from the looks of it, San Diego is gonna blow 'em out!

If they would have used LT like that in the first two games, they wouldn't be 0-2. Another reason why Shotty is a moron.

Burress is used to using his size advantage which he won't be able to do so much against Jammer. Giants are throwing a lot so he might put up decent numbers, but I doubt he has a big game.

Just when I'm close to catching my opponent, his PK (Rackers) goes off.Now as LT gets me close again, McCardell (his last player) catches a TD. :hot: :rant: I hate FF.

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