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Game Thread W3 - Tampa Bay V Chicago (1 Viewer)

Griese is accurate and managing this game well so far, after that brutal first series.

Bucs D is good.

Orton takes a shot into the end zone and throws his first pick of the year.

Incredible play by Ruud to come up with that ball

From what I've seen of the Bears offense so far...

Matt Forte is a damn good back, and the Bears better provide him with the offensive line he deserves.

Kyle Orton is a joke

Watching this game is torture...

The only thing to take awaty from it is both offenses pretty much blow...

Duhnn still has excellent burst, Graham is too slow for the Bears D, and both sets of WR's stink...

Griese and Orton? lol...

Bucs look like the better team right now. Bears have forced some turnovers and had a 40-yard run on a fake punt...otherwise offensively they've done nothing.

Griese is managing the game well.

Bucs D-Line is dominating.

If the Bucs can avoid mistakes, they will win this game.

Agreed, the Bucs D line is abusing the Bears O-line, making life very hard for Forte and company...the Bears special teams is still very good without Hester, and it's pretty much the only chance they have, barring a pickTD from Griese...

I honestly don't think Griese has thrown a pass further than 10 yards in the air all day.

Watching this game is torture...The only thing to take awaty from it is both offenses pretty much blow...Duhnn still has excellent burst, Graham is too slow for the Bears D, and both sets of WR's stink...Griese and Orton? lol...
absolutelytwo horrible QB's. two terribly unimaginative offenses vs. two solid defenses. the best play of the day has been a swing pass to the fullback.awful. just... awful.
The Bucs offense is getting almost no push in the run game and Ernest Graham has zero breathing room. Overall Griese has managed the game and been effective with his early INT coming on a nice play by Urlacher to deflect a pass into the air that Briggs came down with. Gruden needs an explosive playmaker to make this thing work and without Galloway stretching the field the Bears are just taking away the run and slants and making the Bucs move the ball with screens and mid range out patterns.

Every time the Bears have two running backs in the backfield the Bucs defense is moving a safety into the box. Kiffin is concentrating on taking away the run in those 2 back formations. When the Bears go with 1 back Tampa is rolling coverage very deep and allowing passes to be completed underneath and then running defenders to the ball. Decent results with a few corner blitzes as well. Forte has looked better in the passing game than I expected and shows determination. His burst is nothing to write home about but he has been very efficient thus far.

This game has a Bucs 4th quarter collapse for a heart-breaking loss written all over it.

Brandon Llyod looks like the #1 in Chicago...maybe he will realize his potential...probably not...

Forte! TD REC

EDIT: Llyod abusing Barber...Lloyd 2pt conv

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Orton just turned into a completely different QB. Great drive for a TD...pass to Forte. Some really good catches made by Chi also.

Now I know why Griese wasn't throwing anything over 10 yards...he couldn't throw a party if it required a downfield pass.

Not sure why the Lloyd thread was deleted, since there will be a few about him this week...but the guy looks good...

What got into Orton?

Dont get crazy about Lloyd. He's always shown he can make circus catches and break big plays. But he's horribly inconsistant. Pair that with Orton's inconsistancy and its just not a good long term bet. Lloyd could not catch a pass for the next 2 weeks and i wouldnt bat an eyelash.

Orton is a different player this year- his accuracy and decision making have improved. Watch how he places the ball where his guy can make a play but the defender cant. Those plays where the receiver reaches over his back shoulder against the sideline are intentional. But his arm just isnt an NFL arm, he cant throw the deep ball. Defenses will stop respecting it and ratcheting down the short stuff. Its too bad, I respect what Orton has made of himself, but he physically just cant be even a consistantly average QB in this league.

That will be up-loaded to youtube...

Orton crushed by Rudd...spun around on the back of a Bucs D-Lineman...beyond funny

1:50 remaining, Bucs have to go 80 yards to tie...

Nice throw Griese. :cool:

(PS this comment was made on throw the before the TD throw)

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Overtime(barring a kick return TD for Chicago), Bears had a ten point lead a few minutes ago...

Griese was pretty damn good on that drive...


You're better off I think. Griese just had a beautiful throw to................nobody. ie no one with 10 yds of the ball. :towelwave:


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