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Game Thread W4 - Minnesota V Atlanta (1 Viewer)

When will this conspiracy against the Vikes be exposed and eliminated? More penalties and a re-punt.

Sack of Culpepper as the pocket collapsed under a blitz. Just shoved the tackles backwards and Daunte was trapped.

Vick is throwing the ball successfully to guys I've never heard of. Vick and Dunn are running the ball with skill as well.Vikes just got a sack for 5 yards.

Vikes have had the ball for about 45 seconds on offense. Any positives have been negated by penalties by the Viking hating officials.

Hard to believe that Atlanta spent a first round pick to essentially get Zack Crockett. TD to his credit.

I bet Duckett owners are about to be rewarded. Ball within the 5 of the Vikes.
I think that's f'd up of the coach to do that to Dunn. He's the workhorse and you never let him score.
Vick's on the sidelines and the backup is in. Vikes DE fell on him and it doesn't look like much a hit.

If folks are just tuning in my first impression of the injury to Vick is that it may be as simple as a bruise. The hit that caused Vick to leave the game didn't look bad in replays. I certainly didn't see anything happen to his knee - like it bending the wrong way or what have you.

Looked like James fell on Vicks Knee. Vick's leg wasn't stuck in the turf as they first thought. But May have twisted when it was fallen upon.Course it would help if Fox pulled their head out of their butt and gave more info.He is limping on the sidelines right now.

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Was about to blame that Sack on Culpepper, but Falcons Defense had all teh recievers Blanketed.

This is NOT looking good for the Vikes today. Talk about not prepared. Thhe Whole team seems like they are sleep walking. And the Defensive calls so far after been :confused: to say the least.

When Vick was in there I never once saw a Contain Defense or a Spy Defense on Vick. It almost looks like they prepared for this game as if they were facing Bledsoe rather than vick. :confused: :confused:

Update on Vick is.. Right Knee Sprain, Questionable return.

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no package at the relatives house. falcons game not televised. please update as soon as they say whats up with vick.

Dunn on an incredibly dextrous run to the endzone. Nice to see that the Vikes brought their revolving door defense with them.

Will Vick return?
Why should he??The Falcons are up 21-0 And THe Vikes look like they never left the Hotel. :yucky:

Someone want to run down there and remind the Vikes that the game started at 3:15pm CST, not 7:30pm??



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