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Game Thread W4 - Minnesota v Tennessee (1 Viewer)

So now CJ gets the goaline carry and converts while Lendale fails.. CJ is taking over more and more
Are you watching the game?Lendale came in to get the big 1st down.His shoe came off which is why CJ got the first carry and got nothing.Lendale then has a nice hard run near the goalline.CJ will get more and more in this game for sure as Minny's strength is up the middle and that TD to the outside was too easy.
CJ with the GL carry & TD :woohoo:

BTW, i think u'll start seeing more & more of this with CJ...Fisher talked about it a little bit, but u don't have to be super-big to be a good GL back...i've always said that...what would u rather have hit u: a slow-moving bus or a fast-moving car? (u get the idea, LOL)...CJ creates so much acceleration, along with being pretty strong, it makes him an effective GL back...plus, they have more options with CJ in there (as opposed to LenDale)...not saying White won't get GL carries, but i believe CJ will start to get more & more touches around the GL

to continue my previous post, CJ getting more touches around the GL in this particular game could be just gameplan-specific...that said, i don't believe there's any doubt CJ will start getting some GL touches as the season wears on & eventually develop into an all-purpose RB

The right side of the Vikes line was just manhandled - Freotte sacked killing the drive.

Announcers just said Freotte had to be helped off the field but he is 64 years old so don't read too much in to it.

Anyone who's watching have anything on the injury to EJ?
I'm not a doctor or anything but it looked to me like he had a cramp. His toes were curled up all weird when they took his shoe off.Peterson fumbles ! :wall:
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Once they go to the replay, everything is fair game not just what was specifically requested for review?


If he got to the 1/2 yard line than the Vikings will win the Super bowl this year.. :rolleyes:

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What a freaking joke. He was almost a full yard behind the place they spotted him, but he fumbled as well. Both obviously clear on the challenge.

Again I ask, wtf is the point in instant replay when they can't even pull out something that is totally obvious (there were TWO of reasons to overturn it on this play and they didn't use either).

Stop making them watch this crap on a 7 inch monitor FFS.


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