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Game Thread W6 - Green Bay V Seattle (1 Viewer)

any announcement confirming that frye is starting?
per nfl.comSeahawks inactives: QB Matt Hasselbeck (3rd), K Brandon Coutu, G Mansfield Wrotto, DT Red Bryant, WR Jordan Kent, WR Deion Branch, TE Jeb Putzier, DE Baraka Atkins.Analysis: QB Charlie Frye will start in the absence of Hasselbeck, who is out. QB Seneca Wallace will back up Frye. WR Bobby Engram should see a ton of targets with Branch on the sidelines. WR Koren Robinson is active and should see more targets as well.
Seattle goes 3 and out. First GB play and Deion Grant, the only player in the secondary playing like a pro this season, gets his knee up under him and hurts his knee pretty bad. Still writhing in pain on the cart. Grant conitnues where he left off in the playoffs and gouging the Hawks D.

Grant is off the cart and testing the knee. Questionable return.

Mason out to try a 60 yarder...

Doesnt' seem like anyone cares but...

Grant back in the game (Deion that is)

Koren Robinson is 1-1 in catches.

Holmgren grows a pair and goes for it on 4th in or near the 20 yard line (after a Rodgers sack/fumble recovery) . Gets it and eventually puts it in with a Frye bootleg PA to rookie TE Carlson for the first of what I hope will be many RZ TDs.

Did J Jones get hurt? I see he was producing in the 1st drive and havent seen any plays with him after? :thumbup:


Did J Jones get hurt? I see he was producing in the 1st drive and havent seen any plays with him after? :thumbup: TIA
Morris was in on the last drive. I think its pretty clear that Jones is the superior back so he should be back in next drive.
This is not reviewable, right? I thought they ruled he was stopped by forward progress on the play, and that's not reviewable...

TD yea good call..
The HL is very clearly running in there with the hand up signalling he's down. Borderline to me but as we learned in the Gb/SEA playoff game years ago, the play is over when the ref decides it is, not when he gets the whistle to his mouth. Should've followed that example and let the ruling stand.
The reason Seahawks fans are upset is because Phil Luckett came on the field and announced that he had clearly seen Rodgers' helmet cross the goal line.

jones stats look impressive, then i see they give heller, weaver and colbert looks on their ensuing drive. 3 and out....shocker.

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Engram getting any looks?
He's gotten 3 or 4 but they've all been overthrown/too hard to catch. I really expected more in the short pasing game from Frye who looked like he had a good handle on it in preseason. I have to say, in the real season he's pretty bad. The ratio is like 3-1 run to pass. Pretty pathetic offensive effort from the Hawks and Holmgren. They need to get Engram and Carlson more active in the game plan.
2nd and goal from the 1 - QB sneak.

2nd and goal from the 1 - Pass to the blocking FB.

Haha, poor Grant. 26 tough carries, but no goalline love.

I think Grant will turn things around...he's healthy and getting all the carries. Lumpkin and Jackson are not a threat and this line is slowly getting its act together.

I'd still buy low on the guy if you're able to.

This is by far the most embarassing season I've had as a Seahawk fan, and that dates back to their inaugural season! Ruskell has succeeded in building an undersized, under aggressive team of "character" guys with a coach with no creativity, guts or winning spirit. I'll be shocked if they pick any later than 5 in the draft.

My only comment about this game is that Gary Payton shouldn't have been anywhere near the press box in this game or even on the screen for more than three seconds, but it seemed like he was up there for half the game.


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