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Game Thread W7: Philadelphia @ Cleveland (1 Viewer)


Interesting matchup here, as PHI tries to remain the only unbeaten NFC team.PHI comes into the game undefeated and 2-0 on the road this year - @CHI and @DET (combined 4 wins - 3 by DET). CLE is currently sitting at 3-3, but is 3-0 at home with wins against BAL, WAS, and CIN (combined 6 wins - half of those by BAL)PHI is scoring 27.4 ppg and only allowing 12.6 ppg. They average 106 rushing yards and 260 passing yard. Their Defense gives up 103 rushing yards and 226 passing yards.CLE is scoring 19.3 ppg and is giving up 18.8 ppg. CLE averages 113 rushing yards and 181 passing yards.Their D holds the opponents to 105 yards rushing and 218 yards passing.Seems pretty even there except for the 80 extra yards that PHI is getting through the air. But if you look deeper at the numbers (splits) you'll see that CLE's D has been WAY better at home: 73 yards/gm rushing at home vs. 137 yards/gm on the road177 yards/gm passing at home vs. 280 yards/gm on the road. I honestly think that if CLE can get the running game going early, it'll be a long day for PHI in the Dog Pound :football: and they will be handed their first loss of the season.

Browns have played two exciting games the past two weeks. Lots of scoring and action.Browns come into this game as a bit of a mystery, IMHO. Certain phases of their game has looked great on some sundays and then miserable on other sundays. As a result, when you look at their season stats, they just look mediocre. When the Browns are passionate, they can play surprisingly well (week 1 vs the Ravens). When they aren't, they can lay an egg (week 5 at Pittsburgh).Eagles enter the game with the NFL's worst run defense in terms of YPA, which is surprising. They've been able to blow out most of their opponents, which probably is the reason they have had had to defend the fewest rushing attempts in the NFL.Would like to see the Browns keep this one close, and then test the Eagles' run defense in the 4th quarter with Suggs.

Two nice quick passes first two plays for Jeff Garcia.

Browns are on fire. That was sarcasm.

Nice run by Green too - 17 yardsLooks like this one might have all the makings of a shootout, which I think would have to favor PHI

McNabb is shredding the CLE D right now - 4/4, 132 yards, 2 TDsTO just threw the ball at a sign that said 'TO has BO' after scoring the TD

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Wow the Eagles have absolutely zero run defense. That stat I quoted in pregame was no joke.

Wow I guess the Eagles forgot to pack their Run D for the trip to Cleveland

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:hot: G**DAMN GARCIA!!!!!!!!!! Sat him last week for Palmer....sat Palmer this week for him....it's a good thing I have LT/Tiki/Droughns to make up for these sad sack QBs i'm forced to deal with :wall: :wall: :wall:
McNabb is now 8/8 for 163 yards and 2 TDs
Blown coverage and an awful throw that Pinkston could stop and wait for as the CB kept running. Might be a deceiving start.
9 carries, 91 yards for the Browns 2-headed committee, including a TD. No real long runs either, just a constant 5-15 yards per rush.Holding penalty negates another long run.

we know now McNabb to TO > Manning to HarrisonIs CPep to Moss still > then McNabb to TO?

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we know now McNabb to TO > Manning to HarrisonIs CPep to Moss still > then McNabb to TO?
It's close. Very close.NFC Championship close.Only problem for MN is Philly's D is better, in every other aspect, they are close teams.
TO's pretty good, what about McNabb?? 11-13 229 3 tds with plenyt of time left. BALL!!!!!!! Eagles ball again....UH OH...... :D :yes: :yes: :D


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