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Game Thread W7 - Tennessee V Arizona (1 Viewer)

2-3-ARI 47 (11:05) M.Shipp up the middle to ARZ 41 for -6 yards (A.Haynesworth, K.Vanden Bosch).1-10-TEN 48 (9:44) M.Shipp up the middle to ARZ 48 for -4 yards (J.Clauss).Is the O-line really this bad at runblocking? It seems like Shipp is getting caught as soon as the ball is handed to him.

First Palmer (until his TD run), then Tomlinson and now I have to sit and watch McCown melt down to destroy my chances of Boldin doing anything. What a super fantasy football day.

2-10-ARI 40 (12:18) S.Player punts 60 yards to end zone, Center-N.Hodel, Touchback.WTF????????????????is grimace :banned: on the sidelines?

Somebody, somewhere must have this game on?

C.Brown up the middle to TEN 21 for 8 yards (R.Griffith). FUMBLES (R.Griffith), RECOVERED by ARZ-Q.Harris at TEN 21. Q.Harris to TEN 21 for no gain (Z.Piller).TEN-C.Brown was injured during the play.

:wub: at first sight for B. Jones.
God Bless this website for the great "holt not playing" info which allowed me to plug in jones... could save me this week :D
Desperately tried to pick up Jones when I heard Holt was ?able - but as my drop would have been Kennison (who played Friday) the transaction was denied. Jones is looking gooooooooooood.
2-10-ARI 40 (12:18) S.Player punts 60 yards to end zone, Center-N.Hodel, Touchback.


is grimace :banned: on the sidelines?
I think he brought in Steve Martin as an AC.
NFL.com says that Chris Brown was hurt on the play (where he fumbled)...anybody see it? How serious?
Not that I would wish injury on someone, but I am playing against him and would love to know what's up...
Looks like it was a bad move starting Rackers over Elam this week.
No way - Elam has missed 5+ FGs this year, and Rackers is perfect.Elam may outscore him this week, but it wasnt a bad decision.

Wow, what a weird turn of events. ARI scored 9 points off an INT and then a safety on the ensuing kickoff. Don't know if I've ever seen the safety called on the kickoff. Wait a sec - the Titans have the ball now. I thought they would have to kick after a safety :confused:


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