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Game Thread W7 - Tennessee V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Gage and McCareins out.

It will be interesting to see Chris Davis and Lavelle Hawkins get some catches today. Frankly, I'm excited to see it.

Tony Brown not playing. KVB playing limited snaps.

I expect to see Lendale get more carries than usual, especially if Titans can get up by a couple of touchdowns in 2nd half.

KC 3 and out in first series. Punted out of end zone, TEN crosses the 50. C Johnson has a nice 16 yard run so far. TEN dink/dunk when passing.

KC poor field position and looking very weak early on. Croyle in but throwing everything very short. Runing game sputtering, looks like K Smith is the early call. 3d and 10 at the 7, flag on KC for interference. KC will not nhave 200 net yards offense today.

TEN takes over at the 45 on the punt.

I sooo hope one of the the young WRs steps up today and McCareins becomes a backup in future weeks

I only just saw this on NFL.com, but really come on now.

You are the CHIEFS. You just had a big 3rd down play to make it 4th and 1! And you kick it? You may not see that half of the field again this quarter!

You know the little kids' toys, the cars that you pull backward -- it winds the "engine" -- then you let them go?

That is how CJ hits the hole. He is at full speed immediately.

That's pretty bad when someone that wide can get through the line and no one touches him. Give the man a ho-ho.


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