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Game Thread W7 - Tennessee V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Hey Jeff Fisher,

Take LenDale White and shove him up your ###.


An owner who will be trading Chris Johnson this week.

One more thing, #### You Jeff Fisher

LBJ. I love you.

FatDale. I still hate you. But I love you.

This game is causing me to have a freakin' identity crisis.

Tyler Thigpen is the Chief's leading rusher...with 21 yards.
Think that there's a RBBC between him and LJ coming? I think Thigpen showed more burst there than LJ has for most of the season.
Lendale has 8 TD through 6 games. 1 TD for every 10 rushes.
I have no doubt Lendale is a whore for the endzone. However, my comment was referring to LJ's aversion to it..
dominant game by the Titans

garbage time stats might ruin the perception of it

Amazing how many QBs get hurt against them


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