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Game Thread W8 - Atlanta V Philadelpia (1 Viewer)

I started Curtis even with decent options on my bench....I figure they try and get some big plays from him and Atlanta will be watching Jackson.

The Eagles are usually good off the bye so they should win this easily if they are for real. Go Birds :towelwave:

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Eagles D looking good but the offense is sputtering. Anyone see Max-Jean Gilles pancake Grady Jackson? That was a beast pancake!!

What an awful roughing the passer call. The refs are getting ridiculous with these roughing the passer calls. Why not just prohibit sacks?

Put skirts on them and flags. That was he perfect tackle on a QB you could do and he gets a penalty? Wonder if he will get fined LOL. Between the umpires in the playoffs, world series ( especially ) and the refs the past few weeks in the NFL...i don't know what to make of it. Full time officiating?

Worst personal foul call ever. I really dont understand what the ref could have possibly seen there...
Only thing I can think of is, from behind the play, it may have looked like he got up under Matt's chin with his helmet, tho he obviously didn't.
Atlanta ball!

Phew, it was starting to look like the Eagles were about to get cranking. Great sack from the rook!

From these comments, I take it that Curtis is in and playing, but the Philly O is just playing terrible and not getting him the ball?


Eagle O looking like they're getting they're feet back underneath them. Bad news for us.

Got to tackle better, and stop the penalties. Turner's had 30+ yards called back today.

After the Falcons scored the TD, it seems the defense lost it's aggressiveness. Need to keep the heat up.

now THAT is a illegal hit

fine and suspension upcoming. LJ smiths head should not be on his body

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Roddy White = Beastzor
lol i feel bad, since i quit FF this year, the co commish been calling me about match ups and WDIS questions. This week was Roddy White or DJax....i said Jax since brown was out and the eagles havent allowed a 100 yd reciever this year...opps
Perfect example why you need the college review system. Shouldn't get screwed because you conserve time by using timeouts. Announcer is a tard for saying Smith made the mistake of calling them. Wasn't he just saying they should use them after they stopped the Eagles?

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Ugggghhhhh....I freakin' hate it when the games can't be played out as they should.

Not saying the Falcons would've scored on their possesion that the Zebras gave away, but still, it would've been nice to see how the game would've played out, if called correctly.


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