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Game Thread W8 - Cleveland V Jacksonville (1 Viewer)

JAX fumbles the subsequent kickoff but CLE does nothing with the ball and kicks another FG. Lewis dropped a screen pass that could have been a nice gain for the Browns. All the incompletions leave plenty of time for JAX to pull out a one-point win here.

Action-packed finish. JAX converts a 4th down but gets socked with a 15-yard personal foul penalty after the play. With 27 seconds left Garrard finds Matt Jones over the middle and Jones weaves downfield through traffic and amazingly gets out of bounds for a 35-yard gain that stops the clock. Next play Garrard escapes a rush and gets the ball off into the end zone. It's incomplete due to what appears to be pass interference. No call. The next play Garrard find Jones in the end zone; he juggles the ball for several seconds but can't bring it in before the Browns knock it away. The game then ends on an overthrown incompletion into the end zone. The Browns were constantly in Garrard's face on that last drive and stopped the JAX running game all day. A solid defensive performance, yet they almost blew it at the end.

God what a crap throw by Garrard at the end. Beautiful ball to Jones before that, however. Hard to fault either of these guys today, they did a hell of a job. But #######it, they were getting pressure up the gut every freakin down. And that's with our starting center back in. Of course its going to take some time to gel, but damn, we came off a bye week. Should've been addressed.

Run and pass blocking looked real weak. I think this game more than anything shows just how good Garrard is. Get this guy some protection dammit.

Defense came up big on that goalline stand with some good pressure, but overall it looked real flat. No pass rush and the secondary looked out of position all the time. Tackling was just horrid. Ton of talent in that secondary but so far its been a disaster.

This was the first time I've seen Jax play this year. Some impressions - Garrard is really a talented QB. He throws a really good ball. Occasionally inaccurate, but his ability to scramble and his strong arm is more than enough to offset the occasional inaccuracy. The offensive line has some problems - the browns have not been able to generate much of a pass rush this season, so the fact that they did today says more about the offensive line. The Jax defensive line was not very good either.

All in all, I thought Jacksonville was a better team than that I saw today. Disappointing as an NFL fan, :thumbsup: for Cleveland though.


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