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Game Thread W8 - San Diego V New Orleans (1 Viewer)

Wow, horrible pass interference call against the Chargers in the end zone... followed by a 1 yard rushing TD by the Saints. This is probably enough to seal the game... hard to imagine the Chargers going +18 for the rest of the game.


i know the SD def hasnt been the smartest unit this year with penalty after penalty but the refs arent doing them any favors either. PI on Jammer when the WR slips on the turf. PI on a great def play in the endzone. Questionable late hit on brees earlier.

Pretty sad really. Ever since the Hochuli call the refs have been out to get SD like they are Oak!

Awesome time for a delay of game penalty. That is the third time this game the Chargers have had an and goal situation backed up outside the 10 yard line.

following this game on computer. Chargers are just killing themselves with mistakes. How many delay of games do they have 2 or 3? TOO many penalties. Frustrating to see

Why weren't the Saints prepared for an onside kick? Big play for the Chargers. If they can score a TD reasonably quickly here, it could get interesting.

WOW, what a TD catch by Jackson!!!

ETA: Saints challenging, but he got both knees down inbounds and maintained possession. If this is overturned, we know it's a conspiracy...

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Are the field conditions such that neither team can get a pass rush? Brees and Rivers are just sitting back there all day.
I think it's more about the defenses than the field conditions. This season the Chargers have rarely showed the kind of fierce pass rush they have boasted the past four years.
I wouldn't mind overtime, but it won't matter for my fantasy team because Marques Colston es el busto.

Interception by the Chargers! What a play by Weddle, and finally it's the Saints who made the mistake!

...and of course, followed up by another 15 yard penalty by the Chargers. :wall:

So if this interception is overturned, then the Saints would stand to be penalized for the offensive interference call that was going to be declined... but now the Chargers have taken an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for excessive celebration, which will offset the penalty. :wall:

So the refs made a bad call which led to an excessive celebration penalty, which then leads to offsetting penalties. I've never seen NFL refs run a sting operation before.

Gordon has looked okay in coverage since Jammer went out. I know he got the end zone PI penalty, but I thought that was a bad call.

Nice stop for the Chargers.


It's getting to the point where they are going to just start throwing flags for snapping the ball.

Refs are making bad calls all over this year. At least now if the chargers score there will be less time for the saints to try to take the lead

Rivers with just as many TDS and only 8 fewer yards than Brees with 6 fewer attempts. This guy doesn't get his due.

Rivers with just as many TDS and only 8 fewer yards than Brees with 6 fewer attempts. This guy doesn't get his due.
:kicksrock:Plus, Brees got his against the Chargers' D today... the worst pass D in the league. The Saints may not have a great pass D, but it's better than San Diego's.

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