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Game Thread W9 - Baltimore V Cleveland (1 Viewer)

Defense didn't help today either. Joe Flacco picked them apart for crying out loud. Long TD passes. Just ridiculous.

Wow, just wow.The Edwards drops, the Rice run to set up the go ahead FG and then Anderson's terrible interception that Suggs takes to the house. Cleveland is gonna see this as a very winnable game that got away from them.
So, we browns fast have witnessed it for years. Just another Sunday.
Seriously. We've been beaten so many times over the years this one gets lost in the forest.
Braylon Edwards drops a bomb that was fed RIGHT INTO HIS HANDS. Probably would have been a TD.That play might be the one that costs the Browns the game...Dude has got to get some help with catching balls.
I agree. In a game filled with big plays on both sides, this may have been the game's biggest. It would have led at least to a tie with just a few minutes to play.A few other observations: Cribbs just kills the Ravens in every game. He's great, whether he's returning the kicks or covering them.The Ravens have a legitimate run stopping defense and will probably continue to lead the league in per game run differential. Late in the game, at least if it's still close, their ability to run the ball makes them very tough to beat because they control the clock so well.Each week, Flacco gets a hair better. He still needs to improve his pocket presence and get that inner clock working when the pass rush is coming but he is very accurate and strong armed in the mid-range passing game, which is about all the Ravens have in the way of WRs anyway. Clayton getting open deep for a TD today was a real eye opener for Baltimore fans.Sorry if I hogged this thread today.
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