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Game Thread W9 - Green Bay V Tennessee (1 Viewer)

Tenn is up by 3 - moved the ball well, stalled about the 20.

So far, looks like a long day for the packers. Let's see if they can get something going.

Let Lendale get the big play to tire him out so CJ gets the goal-line! Yes! (CJ Owner here)

great game, some thoughts

two stupid penalties lead to scores but each drive was good anyway

boy did harper fall for that spin

why would one of the top CBs do what Cortland did? Was he gonna hold Jennings' hand? That was the weakest tackle I've seen in some time.

Lendale is sooo underrated

amano big loss, gotta check for update

Injury to Bullock would have been lessenned if Fowler didn't get hurt too. He started earlier this year. They lost their LB depth real quick.

why is GB going to Finley so much? Hated that 4th down call esp against a top D like the Titans

So LenDale gets the long run and the TD vultured??!?!??!
Most RBs run 50+ and take a play or two breather. This is Lendale so expect twice that.... :lol: Johnson did have a 17 catch in between Lendale's run and the TD.BTW, Bullock back in the game.
Bironas lining up for a 63 yard FG....

Edit: holder takes a knee.....aaaaggggh

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Is it just me or does it seem like GB has had decent success when running the ball, just haven't done enough of it?

Excellent game so far. :whoosh:
totally agreeNeed the Titans to stop losing players though2 LBs, 2 DEs, G...granted some have come back but ouch, there's plenty more games to play.I love each team bending not breaking. Chris Hope has been hot for two weeks now, like Cortland and Michael earlier in the year.Finnegan has been good on Jennings outside of that one junk tackle.
Titans drive the field for a 47 yard FG attempt with 4 seconds left.

Seems like I've seen TENN win games like this a million times.

Packers call the time out to "ice" the kicker. You'd figure teams would have given that up by now.

Icing the kicker is lame

ETA But apparently it worked...

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Wow Bironas off the upright!!!

You'd think game winning FG's would be like automatic for him by now.

Wasn't there about 25 seconds on the clock when hey got the first down? Considering they had 2 timeouts left Iw as surprised they didn't run another play to get it closer. An extra 4 yards closer would have made that FG attempt good.

The Titans are finally using Chris Johnson it seems

ETA must convert on 3rd down here

ETA2 And of course they use LW

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