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Game Thread W9 - Tampa Bay V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Graham fumbles on Bucs' first play. KC now driving for their second score. Thigpen has all day to throw and is taking advantage.

Bucs stop Chiefs on 3rd-and-2 but Barber called for PI on Gonzalez. On second down from the three Kolby Smith dives in for the TD. First rushing TD given up by the Bucs.

Unbelievable catch by Antonio Bryant to end the first quarter. He somehow managed to reel in the pass and keep both feet in bounds while falling backwards with a DB in his face.

Big third-down gain by Charles on the Wildcat play. Followed up by another nice Charles run. KC totally taking it to the Bucs right now.

JCharles: four carries, 37 yards; including three seperate big runs (and the fourth a five-yarder).

GIVE HIM THE BALL MORE! Eventually he's going to break a 70+ yarder.

Direct snap to Charles, tosses it to Mark Bradley on the end around, Thigpen, who was lined up at WR, dashes 40 yards downfield with nobody near him, TD.

KC keeps ball but Bucs actually force a punt. They can still get back in the game.

Nope. Three-and-out

E. Graham: Twisted knee. Return probable.

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Jamaal Charles has looked pretty good so far, clearly his speed is his big asset as advertised, it has helped him turn a couple of two-yard gains into much bigger ones.

So, what's up with Bradly's passing stats? 2/3 42yds and a TD? I know about Thigpen's TD, but how 'bout a report for those of us that can see the game.

So, what's up with Bradly's passing stats? 2/3 42yds and a TD? I know about Thigpen's TD, but how 'bout a report for those of us that can see the game.
ghawk said:
ghawk said:
Is Joey Galloway even playing?
anyone know if galloway is playing?
Yea, these guys are great for helping out those of us that can't watch the game. :whoosh:
Well, if he does do anything else I'll forget to mention it now. Galloway's team's getting dominated in time of possession and his QB can barely hit the broad side of a barn today. What do you think he's doing?
Bucs fumble in the red zone but Charles fumbles it right back on the next play. First-and-goal from the three for the Bucs.

Graham throws a TD to Alex Smith.

Smith was wide open on the halfback toss. KC totally fooled. Not sure about the decision to go for two. Garcia throws it to Hillard short of the end zone.

KC field goal set up mostly by Charles' runs. KC averaging 5.3 YPC today. Bucs now trail by 8 making their earlier decision to go for two look pretty bad.

Garcia suddenly connecting. Four passes all to Hilliard. Graham then runs it towards the goal line but at the two he fumbles again, KC recovers in the end zone. Touchback. Bucs challenging that his knee was down.

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