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Game Thread W9 - Tampa Bay V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Maybe if Bennett got a few chances like he was rumoured to, Tampa wouldn't fumble every time they try to run the ball. Thanks, Ernest.

From midfield Garcia goes for the home run to Galloway. It's not that thrown very well and Galloway can't twist around to get it.

Bucs win the toss. Garcia avoids the rush and runs around to keep a play alive. Connects to Clayton who breaks a tackle and gains 29 yards. Smith in as the running back now.

Graham back in but loses a yard. This would be a long FG if TB can't advance the ball. Quick slant to Clayton gets a first down and Bucs at the Chiefs 25.

Bryant misses the 39-yard FG attempt but it didn't count due to a false start. It was only third down so Garcia comes back in and throws to Jameel Cook for 11 yards. On fourth down Bryant hits a 34-yard FG. Game over. Chiefs gave that one away.

This is Exhibit #59 why Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards should be gone at the end of the season. I have not checked, but this has to be one of the top 5 worst blown leads ever @ Arrowhead.


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