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Game Thread Week 4 - Kansas City@Baltimore (1 Viewer)

haha the balt o-line is making kc's d look like last yr run d taylor is spelling lewis and in the redzone lewis back in 2nd and 5 lewis grabs 3 more

hlding on the cheifs... wow dumb play by D automatic first down inside the two for ravens. Gotta give the ball to Lewis here.

### ####it, i hope ravens score.. i need some more yardage from priest.

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Dante is an INFERNO


If he keeps this up, teams will gladly kickoff OB and give KC the ball at the 40.

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Hoooo. Tough game. KC bent a little to the run, nothing through the air, +3 turnovers and a ST touchdown. Denver visits Arrowhead next week. Dante Hall is simply amazing.

Ravens played pretty well defensively today. Still no pass rush but the secondary was OK and they did not a nice containing Priest overall.The problems, as usual, came on the offensive end with several blown red zone opportunities. Penalties took 2 TDs off the board and a Frank Sanders drop of a good Boller pass cost them another one. Boller made a few mistakes, taking a sack that put them out of FG range, for example, but showed improvement. Still not much separation from Ravens receivers.Dante Hall is incredible. Balt. actually has pretty decent special teams coverage. Fielding punts is another problem, however, as Brightful muffed one late when it would have given them decent field position with plenty of time.Not many teams will hold KC to 17 points. The Chiefs can really move the ball but I was even more impressed with the improvement in their defense. Strong pass rush and secondary coverage, linebackers are just OK. Definitely a threat to go deep into the playoffs this year.

Lots of coaches look at the season in quarters... well the first quarter season is over and if it was not offical before it most certinly is now. Anyone who took Jamel Lewis "Late" is going to end up with a top 5 back baring injury. If it was not for Holmes, Lewis would be the exclusive talk of FF.


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