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GBP CB Al Harris (1 Viewer)


Bad luck - speared by your own Hawk.Word tonight on the news was he told the doctors to take out his spleen so he could play next week - rumor of course from the local news but.... Now that he is out and Woodson is hurting, Bigby and Rouse both hurting looks like a boost to who?

Blackmon - main run back guy, rookie CB Tramon Williams, youngster Jarrett Bush - all showing some talent so far but nobody outstanding - even though Harris had his faults he was a solid CB. I say - play your QB's against the Packers defense. Sad to say that and I hope Aaron and the boys can get back on their winning ways after being manhandled by the boys.

Any opinions on who the starting secondary will be besides Woodson and Collins? Whats the word on Bigby (ankle) and Rouse (some sort of injury) How much longer can Woodson play with a broken toe?


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