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General Managers Needed / Keeper Year 1 (The War Room) (1 Viewer)



10 team, 15man standard Yahoo roster, standard scoring

standings - victory points (a combination of H2H & all play)

playoffs - no. every team is in it until the last game & is rewarded for their entire season

how much? $100

keeper? yes (how many can be discussed prior to beginning of season)

when's the draft? sun, sept 1st : 4pm est time (last sunday before kickoff)

How do I know my money's secure? we use Leaguesafe (you will be given a link to the leaguesafe site upon inquiring)

Yeah, but doesn't commissioner still have control of the money? No, 51% majority must approve payout before released

payout - $700 for 1st, $200 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd (notice i am not taking out a "cut" for running the league)

what if i change my mind? you can get a refund before the payment deadline

well when is that deadline? sun, aug 1st (1 mo before draft)

why so much time before draft? to give us time to scout, discuss keeper rules, and mock draft

what kind of draft is it? auction draft

how can i contact you? right here

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