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Getcha passports ready - the middle-aged dummies are going to the British Isles! Top 31 song countdown. (1 Viewer)


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We had so much fun in the Favorite 31 Songs by US Artists thread, that we middle-aged (or so) dummies are packing our bags and leaving on a jet plane.* Destination: the British Isles!

What to do: send me your list of your top 31 songs by artists from the British Isles by the end of the day on January 13.** There is no limit to the number of songs you can take from any single artist. The rules for eligibility here will be substantially similar to the US rules, rather than trying to parse through all the ins and outs of UK or Irish citizenship. What do you think I am, a lawyer? As in the prior exercise, the general idea is that the artist must be born in the British Isles or born abroad to parents who were citizens of a British Isle. Colonies and protectorates don't count for these purposes. For solo artists, they are the only one who matters, even if they have guest artists on a song in question, unless such guest is listed in the artist name, such as "featuring." As the person who vets all of these, I encourage you to select many, many solo acts! For groups, each actual member of the band must be eligible. Again, guest artists or session musicians do not count for purposes of eligibility.

I will keep a list of perhaps-non-obvious full and partial ineligibles in one of the immediately succeeding posts. Big thanks to @Eephus , @Dr. Octopus and @Just Win Baby for already sending me some.

PLEASE READ this requirement regarding formatting. Lesson learned from last time: have entries formatted somewhat similarly so that I don't spend hours upon hours reformatting every entry. Please send your list with the song name first, then the artist name, and please put your top choice (31 points) at the top of your list. If you want my undying loyalty, you will also send links (either Spotify or YouTube is fine) - preferably hyperlinks within the song title - but they are not required. The requested formatting is required, however, and I'll return any entries that aren't in that format. Also, a couple of people sent them last time with the artist name as if in an alphabetical list - such as "Spinners, The" or "Wonder, Stevie." Please don't do this. Just type out the artist name as it exists. :thanks:

*Chosen in the US countdown by Mrs. R in Round 21.
**Negotiable based on group preference.
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Spreadsheet of all picks

Last Five or So Out Playlist

Post: 31 Points
Playlist: 31-Point Selections

Post: 30 Points
Playlist: 30-Point Selections

Post: 29 Points
Playlist: 29-Point Selections

Post: 28 Points
Playlist: 28-Point Selections

Post: 27 Points
Playlist: 27-Point Selections

Post: 26 Points
Playlist: 26-Point Selections

Post: 25 Points
Playlist: 25-Point Selections

Post: 24 Points
Playlist: 24-Point Selections

Post: 23 Points
Playlist: 23-Point Selections

Post: 22 Points
Playlist: 22-Point Selections

Post: 21 Points
Playlist: 21-Point Selections

Post: 20 Points
Playlist: 20-Point Selections

Post: 19 Points
Playlist: 19-Point Selections

Post: 18 Points
Playlist: 18-Point Selections

Post: 17 Points
Playlist: 17-Point Selections

Post: 16 Points
Playlist: 16-Point Selections

Post: 15 Points
Playlist: 15-Point Selections

Post: 14 Points
Playlist: 14-Point Selections

Post: 13 Points
Playlist: 13-Point Selections

Post: 12 Points
Playlist: 12-Point Selections

Post: 11 Points
Playlist: 11-Point Selections

Post: 10 Points
Playlist: 10-Point Selections

Post: 9 Points
Playlist: 9-Point Selections

Post: 8 Points
Playlist: 8-Point Selections

Post: 7 Points
Playlist: 7-Point Selections

Post: 6 Points
Playlist: 6-Point Selections

Post: 5 Points
Playlist: 5-Point Selections

Post: 4 Points
Playlist: 4-Point Selections

Post: 3 Points
Playlist: 3-Point Selections

Post: 2 Points
Playlist: 2-Point Selections

Post: 1 Point
Playlist: 1-Point Selections
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Wholly ineligible:

The Beat/The English Beat (Saxa – Jamaica)
Big Country - Bruce Watson (Canada)
Blind Faith (Ric Grech - France)
The Blockheads portion of Ian Dury and the Blockheads (Charley Charles - Guyana)
The Brand New Heavies (I dunno - do you?)
Fontaines, D.C. - Carlos O’Connell (Spain)
The Foundations (various)
Fun Boy Three (Lynval Golding and Neville Staple – Jamaica)
Glass Animals (someone someone US)
Japan (Mick Karn – Cyprus)
JoBoxers (Dig Wayne – US)
Manfred Mann, with or without Earth Band (errrrr, Manfred Mann - South Africa)
My Bloody Valentine (Kevin Shields – US)
Plastic Ono Band (various)
Placebo (various)
The Police (Stewart Copeland - US)
The Power Station (Tony Thompson - US)
Queen (Freddie Mercury – Zanzibar)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 (Peter Buck - US)
The Rutles (Ricky Fataar - South Africa)
Thompson Twins (Alannah Currie – New Zealand)
Tired Pony (Peter Buck)
Wings (various)
Young Fathers

Partially ineligible:
ABC – releases with David Yarritu (US)
Aztec Camera - tons of members, select carefully. At least one (Frank Tontoh - Ghana) ineligible
Be-Bop Deluxe – releases with Charlie Tumahai (New Zealand)
The Bee Gees - releases with Vince Melouney, Geoff Bridgford, or Colin Petersen (all Australia) more info here
Black Sabbath - releases with Ronnie James Dio, Craig Gruber, Vinny Appice, Ron Keel, David Donato, Eric Singer, Dave Spitz, Ray Gillen, or Bobby Rondinelli (all US)
The Cult - Dreamtime, Love, Electric and Ceremony albums are eligible. All others are ineligible due to various US members. more info here
The Cure – releases with Michael Dempsey (Southern Rhodesia) and Reeves Gabrels (US). Note that Boris Williams is eligible despite being born in France, as he was born to UK parents
Deep Purple – releases with Tommy Bolin, Joe Lynn Turner, Joe Satriani. or Steve Morse (all US)
Dire Straits – the albums Love Over Gold (Hal Lindes - US) and Brothers In Arms (Omar Hakim - US) are ineligible. All other albums are eligible. more info here
Duran Duran - beginning in 1989, releases with Warren Cucurullo or Sterling Campbell (both US) more info here
Elvis Costello – releases credited to Elvis Costello and the Imposters are ineligible (Davey Faragher – US). Other Costello joints are OK.
The Faces/The Small Faces - releases with Tetsu Yamauchi (Japan) more info here
Fairport Convention - Rosie, Nine and Rising for the Moon ineligible due to Trevor Lucas (Australia) and Jerry Donohue (US). Otherwise eligible.
Fleetwood Mac - releases with Stevie Nicks (US), Mike Campbell (US), Neil Finn (New Zealand), Bob Welch (US), Lindsey Buckingham (US), Billy Burnette (US), Rick Vito (US), or Bekka Bramlett (US)
Florence + the Machine - releases with Aku Orraca-Tetteh (US)
The Frames - releases with Rob Bochnik (US)
Free - releases with Tetsu Yamauchi (Japan) or John Bundrick (US)
Hot Chocolate - see this
Jamiroquai - releases with Sola Akingbola (Nigeria)
Jeff Beck Group - releases with Clive Chaman (Trinidad and Tobago)
Jethro Tull - see this
Judas Priest – releases with Scott Travis or Tim “Ripper" Owens (both US)
King Crimson – releases with Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Trey Gunn, Adrien Belew, or Bill Rieflin (all US)
Lostprophets - releases with Ilan Rubin (US) - basically 2006-8 ineligible and the rest eligible
Paul McCartney - be careful of Ram or other credits to Linda more info here
The Moody Blues - releases with Patrick Moraz (Switzerland) more info here
Motorhead – releases with Mikkey Dee (Sweden)
Nazareth – releases with Manny Charlton (Spain) or John Locke (US)
Psychedelic Furs - see info here
Public Image Ltd. - various, vet carefully
Razorlight – releases with Bjorn Agren (Sweden) or Reni Lane (US)
Scritti Politti – releases with Marcus Miller, Paul Jacson Jr., Fred Maher, or David Gamson (US)
The Sisters of Mercy – releases with Patricia Morrison (US) or Andreas Bruhn (Germany)
The Small Faces - see "The Faces" above
The Soft Boys - releases with Matthew Seligman (Cyprus) more info here
The Specials (Lynval Golding and Neville Staple – Jamaica)
Steel Pulse – releases with Basil Gabbidon (Jamaica), Steve Nisbett (Nevis), or Tyrone Downie (Jamaica)
Stereophonics - releases with Javier Andrés Weyler (2022 World Cup-winning Argentina)
Supertramp – all but the first two albums (Supertramp and Indelibly Stamped) are ineligible more info here
Thin Lizzy – releases with Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson, or Scott Travis
Traffic – releases with Ric Grech (France), Jim Gordon (US), Rebop Kwaku Baah (Gold Coast), Roger Hawkins (US), David Hood (US), Barry Beckett (US), Rosko Gee (Jamaica). Randall Bramblett (US), Michael McEvoy (US), or Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Cuba)
UFO – releases with Vinnie Moore (US), Rob de Luca (US), Michael Schenker (West Germany), Danny Peyronel (Argentina), Tommy McClendon (Japan)
Ultravox – releases with Warren Cann (Canada)
Uriah Heep - releases with Bernie Shaw (Canada), Gary Thain (New Zealand), Gregg Dechert (Canada), Bob Daisley (Australia), or Steff Fontaine (US)
The Veils – I was given the following and researching further was too time-consuming for me: “I think only their first album is eligible.” I don’t know who or why. If you want one of their songs, research it.
The Waterboys - various, vet carefully
Whitesnake – releases from 1989-present
The Who - Endless Wire album is ineligible (John Bundrick (US))
The Yardbirds - Birdland album is ineligible (John Idan (US))
Yes - various, check your lineups more info here and here and here


The Alan Parsons Project - though used many session musicians, the only two official members were both British
Band Aid - sure, why not
Blur - Graham Coxon born in Germany, but to British parentage
Bow Wow Wow - someone or another born in Burma but to British parentage
The Clash - Joe Strummer born in Turkey, but to British parentage
Culture Club - more info here
Chris de Burgh - Born in Argentina, but to British parentage
Dr. Feelgood - Lee Brilleaux born in South African, but to English parentage
Nick Drake – Born in Burma, but to English parentage
Echo and the Bunnymen - Pete de Freitas born in Trinidad and Tobago, but to English parentage
Engelbert Humperdinck - Born in India, but to British parentage more info here
Gorillaz - I don't even know
Idlewild - Rod Jones born in South African, but to British parentage
Massive Attack - more info here
Mumford & Sons - Marcus Mumford born in the US, but to English parentage
The Pogues - Cait O'Riordan born in Nigeria, but to British parentage
Republica - Lead singer born in Nigeria, but to English parentage
Sade - Born in Nigeria, but to English parentage
XTC – Andy Partridge born in Malta, but to English parentage
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List of possible participants and status of their lists:

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Oliver Humanzee 👍
Dr. Octopus 👍
higgins 👍
Yankee23Fan 👍
zamboni 👍
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Northern Voice
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Uruk-Hai too busy being a jerkface :cry:
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OK, four initial posts should be enough. Please indicate here if you are interested in participating and otherwise post with reckless abandon.
I'm working on ineligibles to put in post #3. Parsing through a bunch of submissions will take me a while.
Does Krista submit 31 Beatles songs?

:lol: I could have submitted 31 Stevie in the other countdown but limited myself to two. Going to try to do similar here, though will likely also have George and Paul solo. Wouldn’t be fun just to do a bunch of Beatles. Plus I have some others that definitely would be on anyway!
I know, just kidding...but I might submit 31 Van Morrison songs
Ok, I initially looked at what comprises the UK which is England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland........also I'm a few beers deep.....I'll kindly see my way out.....cheers you cheeky bastards!
Ok so I guess we're talking England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and Ireland proper, then, right? (And I suppose the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight and all that stuff, but not, say, the UK Virgin Islands, or Jamaica or what not.)

I'm in, for starters. Going to try to enforce a hard-and-fast rule that the Beatles/Stones/Zep do not > 10 songs total. (Excluding Pink Floyd will be quite easy.)

Also, no artists who are cosplaying at being British, so post 1994-Madonna is indeed not eligible.
Still don't have a deadline here since precisely zero people have responded to the question, other than Pip who kindly left it up to me.

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