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Giants vs. Steelers - Week 1 on Monday Night Football! (1 Viewer)

There was the play action and Minkah Fitzpatrtick froze JUST long enough for Slayton to get over for the 41-yard TD. Great protection again from the line there.

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That should keep the Steelers D honest & give Saquan some running room. 
In fairness they don't respect Jones and the WRs at all. They're keying in on Saquon Barkley and Engram. Safeties have been creeping up to the LOS all game.

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Not sure Minkah was wrong there. If he doesn’t cover the crosser, he’s literally running uncovered 

... I'm confused about the Steelers O. Did they think they could run all over the Giants? Run stuffing is like the one thing on D they do well. Tomlinson, Lawrence and Williams aren't easy to run on.

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Was reading the closed captions since my volume off. They said something about juju getting ankle taped on the sideline.  But couldn’t tell as it was kind of two sentences mixed together talking about Ben saying he’s the #1 WR now.

Jesus Christ what a terrible throw by Jones... WTF was he throwing at? The receiver wasn't even open.

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That was such a bad job by the safety, when Juju stutter-stepped he stopped.... force him to go the opposite direction on a hot read.

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