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Gibril Wilson or Palamulu (1 Viewer)

Fairly easy choice. Polamalu!Doesn't Wilson get pulled at time for Williams?Polamalu is probably the best SS in the game, to include Fantasy football.

Fairly easy choice. Polamalu!

Doesn't Wilson get pulled at time for Williams?

Polamalu is probably the best SS in the game, to include Fantasy football.
Wilson was pulled out a few times but I dont think that is going to happen going forward. As far as I know, he wasn't pulled at all in the last game. They were trying to fit Williams in to packages without removing Wilson. I think they finally realized that he is one of, if not the best player they have on defense....finally.As far as FF goes, I'll go against the popular vote here and take Gibril Wilson over Polamalu and not think twice about it. Like I said in another post, he was the best DB in the league last year as far as PPG goes regardless of scoring systems. Noone was better.

Even right now in my main league scoring system, there are only 2 DB's that are averaging more PPG than Wilson (scoring slighty heavy towards tackles). If he is not getting pulled anymore, and stays healthy all year, he could easily be in the top 3 at years end.


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