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Give a top 20 rb for Landry? (1 Viewer)


I have 4 top 20 rbs and am trying to leverage one for an upgrade at WR2, maybe get younger at QB, and maybe a tick up at TE.

Would anyone give Ajayi, Drake, or Miller for Jarvis? According to a lot of ROS lists (it's early I know), Jones/Enunwa/Cobb are right there with Landry, but I'm not sure I believe that....like Landry a lot, but don't want to overpay. Would I be better just enjoying my rb depth (especially with Ajayi injury concerns)?

Dynasty PPR
4patd, 6ruretd, 1/25 payd, 1/10 ruyd, 1pprStart 1QB, 2RB,2WR,1Flex, 1TE,1k, 2idp
QB: Ryan , Roethlesberger, Dalton
RB: DJ, Drake, Miller, Ajayi, Allen, ekeler, Ware, Clement
WR: A brown, MJones, Agholor, Parker, RCobb, Enunwa
TE: Doyle
IDP: TelvinS, Mack
K: Crosby

That is not a high enough wr for the rb. Drop Ware and Dalton and pick up some wr's or a te on waivers. No need to carry 3 qb's and Ware is worthless. 


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