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GMAC Bowl- UTEP vs. Toledo (1 Viewer)


GMAC bowl- UTEP-Toledo- this was a brutal watch. UTEP really did not bring much energy to the ball game.


Jordan Palmer QB 6'5" 230-physically a twin to Carson. Not a talent twin. Not comfortable in the pocket, streaky with accuracy and decision making w/o Carson’s arm to make up for it. Injured ankle during the game. Draftable QB assuming continued improvement. Right now mid to late rounder. 2007 draft guy.

Tyler Ebell RB 5'9" 185-injured UCLA transfer.probably a FA looked at as a KR type

Chris Francies WR 6'1" 200(4.4?)-played saw nothing from him.

Jayson Boyd WR 6'4" 210 (4.39?)injured, good size/speed ratio, probably FA

Thomas Howard LB 6'3 240 (4.4)-maybe the most physically gifted LB in the draft. Nearly invisible in this game, not really even in position to make plays. Talk will be of him being a first day, maybe even a first rounder, but I did not see it tonight.


Bruce Gradkowski 6'2 210, extremely accurate passer, that has nice mobility and good play fake ability. Did not look 6'2 to me and threw two interceptions on poor decisions, but I think he is the type who normally go in the middle rounds and turn into good career back-ups that can start in the right situations.

Trinity Dawson RB 5'10 195. Stocky inside runner did not look elusive, but productive may get a FA look

Keon Jackson SS 5'11 206- all conference, made a couple of good plays on the ball coming close to 2 Ints. Hard to follow because of the number of passes that UTEP attempted.

Anthony Jordan LB 6'3 230- around the ball all game versus the run and pass...played better than the more highly regarded Howard for the Miners, seemed pretty quick, should be late in the draft/FA type, but I was somewhat impressed.

David Thomas 6'2 230- returned an interception for TD, otherwise similar game to teammate A. Jordan.

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Just to add,THe best pro prospect in this game is/was a DE/OLB for Toledo. He wears #44. The guy absolutely terrorized the MAC this year.Don't have time to look him up, but he'll be a draftable IDP as a late round sleeper.

Just to add,

THe best pro prospect in this game is/was a DE/OLB for Toledo. He wears #44. The guy absolutely terrorized the MAC this year.

Don't have time to look him up, but he'll be a draftable IDP as a late round sleeper.
Mike Alston- he is still a Junior, but you are correct as he two or three sacks in that game alone and was very quick off the ball.
Notes:#44 is Mike Alston (Junior: Dont know his draft status)- led the team in sacks with 6.5 but registered only 39 sack yards. He was also a force from the outside, registering 53 tackles and out of those, 9.5 for losses. Was a backup in '04 and made great use of his starts this year (actually cant confirm he started at all). Without watching Toledo's games, I can tell you this cat has speed galore but due to his size (205)- DE is probably out of the question come the NFL. OLB will probably be his drafted position unless he bulks up plenty. Still has a year to figure it out.Anthony Jordan seems to me the best defensive prospect besides Keon Jackson from Toledo this year- rated the #9 ILB this preseason by SportingNews but had a down season comparatively to his other seasons. Agreed he's going to be a late-day pick maybe undrafted simply due to the strength of his position. Good pickup but weight will drop his stock (235) especially as an ILB.their TE is also someone of huge value, though not sure he is comming out this year due to injury. DNP in 2004 as well due to injury. But rated very high pre-injury. Dominant blocker and pass catcher if healthy.

These are great reports, and I think they're in the right place. Thanks, coolnerd, and others who are chipping in.


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