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Golden Tate (1 Viewer)


So I am pretty high on Tate. Yes I'm a Seahawks fan, but that is not relevant.

Some food for thought with him...

No Percy Harvin for a while

Contract year

Fantastic rapport with Russell Wilson

Has had a great camp so far

The best part is he should be available in the 8th or 9th round.

Season prediction for Tate:

1050-1200 Yards

70-80 Receptions

8-10 TD's

Even in non PPR, I would take that all day long as a WR3

Curious what others think. Am I off base? Am I being a homer?

I usually never draft Seahawk players...That could change this year.

I think you are at the high end of where he could end up if everything breaks right. Possible, but not as likely as say




Which would still be a good season.

Just my .02

Lots of threads that already mention Tate. One side sees it as you do, the other sees Tate as already exposed as a mediocre talent and unlikely to suddenly emerge as a major contributor in FF. I tend towards the latter, but I like the value he represents, so I'm willing to take the chance.


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