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Good News for SJax Owners (1 Viewer)



ST. LOUIS (AP) — Rams running back Steven Jackson has a slightly strained quadriceps and is expected to play at New England on Sunday.

Jackson had 160 yards rushing and three touchdowns in the Rams' 34-14 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Jackson was hurt on his 25th carry when he planted awkwardly as he fell to the turf. Jackson limped off the field and moments later into the locker room.

An MRI on Monday revealed the strain.

"It was a slight strain," Rams coach Jim Haslett said. "He will be limited this week but he should be fine for the game."

Jackson's practice status for this week is up in the air.

"We'll see how he is," Haslett said. "He probably won't do much early in the week and hopefully we'll increase the load as the week goes."

If Jackson can't go against the Patriots, the Rams will turn to Antonio Pittman, Travis Minor and Kenneth Darby.

Pittman took most of the repetitions in training camp when Jackson was holding out for 27 days, but has been out for the past three games with a lower leg injury. He's expected to dress and play this week after returning to practice last week.

In other injury news, receiver Derek Stanley took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Dallas safety Keith Davis that left him motionless for a few minutes. After walking off on his own, Stanley was taken to a St. Louis hospital for observation. Stanley checked himself out of the hospital last night and will be evaluated before he returns to the field.

Safety Todd Johnson suffered a bruised kidney and will likely miss a couple of games. Receiver Drew Bennett's foot has not healed and he will be out again this week.

Left tackle Orlando Pace, who missed Sunday's game because of a slightly torn quadriceps, worked out Monday and is expected to return to practice Wednesday.

This is great news as Jackson is basically the entire Rams offense. He was a men amongst "boys" on Sunday.

I think aside from maybe Portis and Peterson he's the best back in the NFL right now. What I find most impressive is that he's putting up the yards, and now the TD's, on a team that most consider a pretty lousy football team.

What is even more encouraging is the soft spot of his schedule is coming up. In a PPR league I think he is #1 as long as healthy. I traded him straight up for LT right when the Toe issue surfaced, it's a 12 Team 2 player keeper, him and bush made a nice backfield...now I got to go with Edge as #2 so hopefully the SJax production keeps up.

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