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Good or Bad QBs helping define RBs? (1 Viewer)


So as I prep for all my drafts this year, I feel like I notice people constantly put into question the quarterback play as a reason a RB will produce or not, the odd part is... it tends to sound similar to this
"Well he has no QB so they are going to stack the box" or "the improvement at QB should open the running lanes"

1. I personally feel it is the Oline that matters and not the QB

2. When i think about this, it just makes no sense and this is why:

some examples off the top of my head

AP - Ponder

Spiller -Fitzpatrick

Rice -Flacco

CJ2K -Vince Young/Kerry Collins

Charles -Matt Cassell

Martin - Freeman

Gore - was smith

Foster has been the only consistent top RB pick with a decent QB with Shaub at the helm

and if you reverse this and think top QB most of these backfields we dont want to touch

Rodgers -

Brees -

Manning -

Brady -

just a thought, and curious to others opinions....

Obviously O-line has a lot to do with the running game but the fact that Buffalo does not have a QB at all makes me leery of Spiller.


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