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Good self help, motivation, positive manifesting, be better type books (1 Viewer)


I watched The Secret on Netflix a while back and started practicing positive manifestation on the daily and it's made a positive impact in my life.

I've read the books "The Magic" and "The Magic of Manifesting" a few times now...each morning read a chapter and just try to put it in practice in my life.  Along with a vision board of all the things I want in my life that I review and put positive vibes toward after my chapter of reading.

Anyways, I'm over those books and looking for more easy read, on the daily, type of stuff that can make me a better man...positivity, success, charisma, career, etc.

What you got for me?



I've been reading the Stoic stuff from Ryan Holiday Good, all-around mix of advice. I like the daily email from The Daily Stoic

I also like Larry Winget if you want an old man to yell at you and tell you to buck up, pay your bills, and be honest. His stuff can be a bit more business-focused, so as an entrepreneur, I like it. 


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