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Goodbye Bobby (1 Viewer)


Looks like that's it for Robert "I'll tease you every year but never deliver" Meachem. Will he be picked up? Could Chris Ivory be "the guy with all of the potential" that lets us down this year due to injury? Are there any other notable players like this who take up a spot on your dynasty roster and keep you from taking a chance on a guy like Kenbrell Thompkins?

Enjoy your 5 million, Bobby, and I'll leave you on the waiver wire.

I like Robert Meachem, but I think he's wholly dependent upon Drew Bree's home-cooking. As a Saints fan I hope he comes back to resume his 42-700-6 career. He'll never be a superstar, but I would not be surprised if he finished his career with 50 TD catches (if he comes back to NO).


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