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Google to buy NFL package? (1 Viewer)


Listening to CNBC right now and apparently Google execs met with the NFL to talk about bidding for the Sunday Ticket package after the 2014 season when the Directv contract expires....interesting and would suck because I likely wouldn't be able to negotiate with Google like with DTV.

For those of you looking for an online version of it this year, buy this. I'm hoping it works with Chromecast, but if not I'll just hook up my laptop via HDMI. I'm sure the quality won't be the best, but it's affordable.

I'd certainly prefer Google over DirecTV but I would not assume the ticket will be available online in the usual sense. It may be that Google decides to use it as a feature of their GoogleTV boxes and platform. In which case you'll have to buy a box or other device with GoogleTV in order to purchase the Ticket. Good idea by Google. The Ticket performs the same purpose of drawing in a customer base for DirecTV. It would still be a smaller investment to get on GoogleTV than DirecTV.


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