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Gordon, Cook, Kamara, Henry.... (1 Viewer)


Start 3.  PPR.  Tough, tough decisions.  Gordon is gimpy and coming back against a tough D.  Henry is against a tough D.  Kamara is a must, I know.  So it's really 2 of the remaining 3.

Kamara is a no brainer at home after three weeks on the road.  If nothing else he gives you a very high floor.  Even when he seems to do nothing he scores 15 points.

I think if Gordon wasn't ready he wouldn't play.  Tough MU but he will get the ball, and with Ekler out he is even more valuable.

Okay, let's talk Henry.  The experts love this guys, but where was he the other 13 weeks.  I do not believe in this guy after what he has done this season.  If you need a high ceiling to beat your opponent play Henry, if a high floor with potential upside is more important then play Cook.

Kamara, Gordon, Cook.

I ended up going with Kamara, Gordon and Cook.  Gordon and Henry were very close in scoring yesterday.


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