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Grant and Smith could be out 4 weeks (1 Viewer)

Three members of the New Orleans Saints -- running back Deuce McAllister and defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant -- are among a number of NFL players confirmed to have tested positive under the NFL's steroid policy, ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen reports.


I think Jeff Charleston is the only other DE on their roster right now

Wow, that sucks, I own Grant in both my leagues. I also own Vilma in both my leagues. Do you think this will hurt Vilma as well?

You would think it would only help Vilma.

A less active DL means more opportunities for the LBs.

Think how a dominant TEN DL limited the amount of chances the LBs had to make plays. They've since come back down to earth and that's why the likes of Bulluck and Co. have seen an increase in numbers.

That's good to know. It's just that I read somewhere on these forums that a strong DL tends to help a 4-3 MLB, but maybe that applies more to DTs than DEs.


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