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[Greatest Ever] Cowboy Receivers (1 Viewer)

Best wide receiver ever to wear the Star

  • Terell Owens

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  • Keyshawn Johnson

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  • Michael Irvin

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  • Tony Hill

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  • Drew Pearson

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  • Bob Hayes

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I read the title and voted for the "Bullet" when ever a team has to change their defensive scheme because of one player..................he gets my vote.

Then I read your post and "simply the best" would be Michael Irving.

I went with Irving....hard choice though. I couldn't vote for TO, just because he hasn't played in Dallas yet. But I think he has the potential to be the best Cowpoke WR

I have to go with Irvin. When he retired, he was top 10 in catches and yards on the all time receiving list. He also was a central player on 3 Super Bowl Champions. The others are all either very good or great, but Irvin's resume is a cut above the rest. I do admit to a huge pro-Irvin bias, though. :thumbup:

This poll is not for the greatest Cowboy career, but simply the best receiver ever to wear the Star.
I would have voted for Irvin, but the qualifying statement from Blue Onion pushed me to vote for Owens.
I'm guessing not many of you saw "Bullet" Bob Hayes play.


he was my personal favorite, but Irvin deserves this because of the stats he put up over the years.

as far as T.O. goes, you better wait til he does something with a STAR on his helmet first.


I'm partial to Pearson...what a clutch receiver! Hayes too one dimensional, had very poor hands, but could flat out fly.

man, two people back to back that can't seem to spell a name right that is in the poll right in front of their eyes


Hard to read Terrell Owens in a Cowboy thread. Talk about your match made in Hell...

Well, I guess the bonus is double the hate on Sundays for the 'Girls and twice the satisfaction when they get their arses whipped.


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