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***Green Bay at Detroit*** (+3.5) 44.5u (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Most feel the starters for Green Bay will not be on the field long. With the No 1 sed wrapped up i can't see how Rodgers, Adams, Jones and Dillon are even allowed to take a snap. 



Mt. Man

Will GB use this as anything more than effectively a pre-season game?

Will the same Detroit defense from last week show up, giving Love a Matt Flynn-like day?
Will the Lions follow the credo of "Let's try even though it doesn't matter"? 

All this and more! Honestly, though, I can't decide if a pretty meaningless win or a pretty meaningless loss would be more on par for Detroit. Probably a win just to give Lions fans just that small taste of hope. We shall se..



Adams can claim some records today?

Jordy Nelson’s record for most receiving yards,1519,  in a single season  (22 yards)

Third in Packers all-time receiving yards (69)

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Rogers starting. How long? Lions would like to go out with a win over Pack. Can they? sure.....

Lions- 27

Packers- 23


sho nuff

The narrative would be to "keep the rust off", since the Packers have the bye.  :shrug:
Yes.  They did some sort of analysis of teams that rested players and it looked better to play them some.  Rodgers and the players wanted to play.  
Also may be to see some game action with Bahktiari back at LT and Myers back at Center.

Get Adams the team receiving record.  Keep in that rhythm of playing for a few series.  Im guessing no more than half.



Why would GB stars be playing? Seems only downside. 
Dillon almost scoring on a nice 8-yard run down to the 1. Then 2 straight passes on 2nd and 3rd down resulting in a Rodgers TD to Lazard.  There are considerations for MVP and the record books.



Set the rookie receiving record for the Lions and got the TD on the same drive.

ETA: Also 4th straight game with a TD for Amon-Ra.
Love this guy. Took a bit for him to hit his stride but he looks like he's gonna be solid for a long time. 


Mt. Man

Love takes the kneel on the last play before halftime.

You've got to think that's it for most to all of Green Bay's starters.


Leroy Hoard

Unless you think there's a big gap between Thibodeaux and Hutchinson, there's not a lot of downside.

And that's assuming that Jax (or whoever is #1) goes DE.
Latest mocks says Jags are looking at that humongous OL out of Alabama.

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