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***Green Bay at Detroit*** (+3.5) 44.5u (1 Viewer)

Dark Matter

Nicely played Detroit, Congrats on the W.

Small sample size I know but I’ve seen enough of Jordan Love to say GB needs admit they were wrong and move him ASAP.


Spoiled Packer Fan :shrug:

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There are 2 elite edge rushers in this draft. I'd take either. I don't care if they pick 2nd. I want them to win this game. 

I love that DC had them playing hard all year

Last week I watched an interview with ARSB & they brought up rookie records he had set or was about to break

Every time he redirected to “what’s gonna help me the most is not finishing strong but beating the Packers. that’s the focus.”

young teams don’t grow from tanking for draft position

you play. to win. the game.


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