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Greg's Useless Trivia #12 (1 Viewer)


A collection of mostly useless but sometimes interesting things I've come across. There are bugs with opening a lot of spoiler boxes at once. Easiest to avoid if you close each box again once you read the answer. If that doesn't work, just reload the thread and they should work again.

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1) Where was the Caesar salad originally created?

Tijuana, Mexico. It was created in 1924 at a restaurant named Caesar's, owned by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini.
2) Order the following from longest to shortest US coastlines (general coastline length, not counting all tidal waters):

Arctic coast
Atlantic coast
Gulf Coast
Michigan (including Great Lakes)
Pacific Coast

Using figures from a 1975 survey done for Congress:

Pacific coast - 7628 miles of which 5580 are Alaska
Michigan - 3224 miles
Atlantic coast - 2069 miles
Gulf coast - 1631 miles
Arctic coast - 1060 miles

Michigan's Great Lakes coast line is longer than both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and also longer than the non-Alaskan Pacific coast. In a different survey maintained by NOAA that includes tidal areas, ocean coast lengths increase humongous amounts, like Virgina increasing almost 30x from 112 miles to 3315.
3) Who do we have to thank for introducing pigs, and thus, bacon, to North America?

Christopher Columbus. At Queen Isabella's insistence, Christopher Columbus took eight pigs on his voyage to Cuba in 1493. Though Hernando de Soto might be the "father of the American pork industry." He brought America's first 13 pigs to Tampa Bay, Fla., in 1539.
4) The temperature in the core of the Earth is around 10,000 degrees fahrenheit, the same temperature as the surface of the sun. It is estimated 20% of that heat is still the Earth cooling off from formation. What is the source of the other 80%?

Radioactive decay. Primarily from potassium, thorium and uranium.
5) Residents of an English village became so tired of people stealing a sign with their village name on it that they replaced it with a 1.5 ton block of stone with the village name inscribed upon it. What is the name of the village?

6) In 2012, an item which resembled George Washington was sold on ebay for $8100. What was the item?

7) If you visit Singapore, be sure to always do this or you could be fined the equivalent of about $350.

Flush the toilet in a public restroom. Police there actually will check and give out tickets for failing to flush.
8) Scientists recently verified a woman's claims that she could detect what disease based on body odor?

Parkinson's. Joy Milne of Perth noticed a slight musky odor from her husband who eventually died from the disease. After noticing the same odor from others she met doing charity work around the disease, she mentioned it to scientists who ran a test. They gathered 12 test subjects, 6 with the disease and 6 without as control subjects. Each wore a t-shirt for a day which was then bagged and given to her to smell. She made the correct diagnosis in 11 out of the 12 cases. The one diagnosis the study found to be incorrect was a member of the control group who Joy said had the disease but who did not have it as far as anyone knew. 8 months later doctors diagnosed him as having it.
9)How does the Alaskan wood frog survive Alaska's frigid winters?

It lets itself be frozen solid, then revives when it thaws. According to National Geographic, "The tiny amphibians can survive for weeks with an incredible two-thirds of their body water completely frozen—to the point where they are essentially solid frogsicles." In most animals, freezing pulls water out of cells and sucks them dry, killing the cell. The frogs have higher concentrations in their cells of things like glucose and urea, which lower the freezing point so less freezing occurs.
10) There are 10 parks in Mexico City that contain bins which reward park goers with free Wifi for doing what?

Placing dog poop in the bins. The more dog poop you put in, the more minutes you get.
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I had recently seen the large town sign stone, so that one was easy, the shoreline one might be the most deceptive of the batch.


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