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Greg's Useless Trivia #17 (1 Viewer)


A collection of mostly useless but sometimes interesting things I've come across. There are bugs with opening a lot of spoiler boxes at once. Easiest to avoid if you close each box again once you read the answer. If that doesn't work, just reload the thread and they should work again.

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1) This famous scientist:

  • won a Nobel along with their spouse
  • was the first to win 2 Nobel Prizes
  • is one of only two people to win them in different fields
  • has a daughter who also won a Nobel
  • has a son-in-law who was director of UNICEF when the organization won the Peace Prize. 
Who is it?

Madam Curie. She and her husband won the Physics Prize in 1903 for discovering radioactivity and then she won the Chemistry Prize in 1911 for discovering radium and polonium. Her daughter received the Chemistry Prize in 1935.

2) True or False: For babies born in 2014, the odds of being issued a Social Security number previously assigned to someone now deceased was 35%.

False. According to the Social Security Administration 450+ million SSNs have been issued, but with just under 1 billion possible combinations they say no numbers have been reused.

3) In what year was the Lincoln penny first issued?

1909.  As a kid I bought about 50 old pennies in a coin collecting book for $1 at a garage sale. It turned out they included a 1909 S penny worth about $20 at the time, and the other a 1909 S VDB worth about $200.


4) What bank has only $15,140 in cash?

The bank in a standard game of Monopoly. 20 orange $500 bills, 20 beige $100 bills, 30 green $50 bills, 50 blue $20 bills, 40 yellow $10 bills, 40 pink $5 bills, and 40 white $1 bills.

5) Meat packer Samuel Wilson was the basis for what well known personification?

Uncle Sam. Wilson was a meat packer from Troy, New York who supplied barrels of beef to the US Army during the War of 1812. The barrels were stamped with US for United States, but soldiers began referring to the grub as "Uncle Sam's". A local newspaper picked up on the story and it eventually gained widespread acceptance as the nickname for the federal government. The city of Troy calls itself "The Home of Uncle Sam".

The popular image for Uncle Sam dates to around 1870, the work of political cartoonist Thomas Nast, though artist James Flagg created the version in the famous World War I poster.

6) Cartoonist Thomas Nast is also credited with coming up with what two symbols that we will see incessantly in 2016?

The donkey as the symbol for the Democrats and the elephant as the symbol for the Republicans.

7) True or False: The owner of the company that makes Segways died after accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff.

True. Jimi Heselden died from his accident in 2010.

8) This sweet treat dates back to 2000 BCE Egypt. The original version was made from sap, nuts and honey. It was considered a delicacy deemed worthy for gods and royalty. The treat then took new form in 1800s France when candy makers used sap but combined it with egg whites and sugar instead. The treat took its name for the type of sap used at the time. Though today, gelatin, corn syrup and starch replace the sap and egg whites to extend shelf life. What is it?

The marshmallow.

9) What is the origin of the phrase, "deep six"?

Full credit if you answered anything to do with burial depth. The phrase, which means to dispose, discard, or get rid of, came originally from burial at sea and refers to both the depth of water necessary for such a burial (six fathoms) and to the wording used in calling out depth measurements as the water deepened ("five and a half by the deep, six..."). It also became slang for a grave, which is traditionally six feet deep.

10) What type of berry is gin made from?

Juniper berries.

11) A baby goose is called a gossling.  What is a baby swan called?

A cygnet.

12) Which clothing brand is named after the Greek goddess of victory?


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