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Greg's Useless Trivia #28 (1 Viewer)


A collection of mostly useless but sometimes interesting things I've come across.

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1) When Boris Yeltsin first met President Clinton in 1995, the first thing he did was ask Clinton his opinion about this headline stealing set of events.

Yeltsin reportedly asked, "Do you think O.J. Did it?"

2) Which is the first planet predicted by calculations before it was found?

Neptune. In 1846, the planet Neptune was discovered after its existence was predicted because of discrepancies between calculations and data for the planet Uranus. Astronomers found the new planet almost exactly at the position predicted by the calculations of Leverrier and Adams.
3) This is a material that many children and adults alike enjoy partially destroying. It was originally created as wallpaper.

Bubble wrap.
4) Car maker Enzo Ferrari once told a tractor manufacturer, "you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly." Who was the tractor manufacturer?

His name was Ferruccio Lamborghini. Lamborghini had approached Ferrari with some technical complaints on the Ferrari he'd bought. The curt reply made Lamborghini so angry that he vowed to create the perfect car, and the Ferrari-Lamborghini rivalry was born.
5) When he was 17 years old, Robert G. Heft created the design for what national symbol as part of a school project?

The 50 star American flag. Heft received a "B-" from his history teacher. Though the teacher made an agreement with Heft that he would give a high grade if he could get Congress to accept his design. Heft sent the flag to his congressman, who eventually got the design selected. True to his word, the teacher changed his grade to an "A".
6) The Czech Republic's 2011 census shows that 15,000 people, or about 0.15% of the population, are of this religion.

7) Though they float in the air, scientists calculated the weight of an average one of these to be 1.1 million pounds.

A cumulus cloud.
8) Which is the oldest?

a) Aztec Empire
b) Oxford University
c) First recorded windmill
d) First recorded European use of the compass
e) Genghis Khan establishing Mongol empire

Oxford, which has no specific founding date but there has been teaching going on there since 1096. The Aztec Empire is by far the youngest, coming into existence in 1428. The Mongol empire was formed in 1206.

Windmill also gets full credit.  First vertical European windmill was after Oxford, but there were horizontal windmills other places before it.
9) John Tyler was the 10th US President, born in 1790 and elected President in 1840. A surprising fact about his family was revealed by New York magazine in 2012. What was it?

The 10th President of the US had grandchildren that were still alive. Tyler was 63 when he had Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 13th of his 15 children. Around the age of 70 Lyon in turn fathered Harrison Ruffin Tyler and Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr, both born in the 1920s, who still lived. When asked by the magazine what kind of reaction Harrison gets when he tells people he's the grandson of the 10th US President, Harrison responded, "I don't know, I don't bring it up."
10) This famous corporate figure has only sent one email in his life. He said that it became his first and last email when it ended up in court.

Warren Buffett. The email was to Jeff Raikes of Microsoft.

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Going to subtract a point from a couple of posters, which still leaves me in last place.   :kicksrock:

Oops, just realized the windmill question was #8.

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0/10  a personal worst. 

ETA: Please let windmill be the correct answer so it's not a goose egg!

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Aerial Assault

7/10 assuming the supplied answer for #8 is correct.  Did not know #4, #6, or #9.  #4 is awesome as is #6.  :thumbup:  

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