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Gronk/Barber/Carson for Ertz/Thielen (1 Viewer)


I have an offer of P. Barber, Carson and Gronk in exchange for Ertz and Thielen in an 18-team PPR dynasty league.  We start 1-QB, 1-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE and 2-Flex in addition to 7 - IDPs.  We keep 5 on offense and 3 IDPs, no more than 2 at any single position.  Am I giving up too much strength at WR?  I feel that Ertz for Gronk is perhaps an even swap, Gronk being better short term with Ertz better dynasty value.  I almost did a knee-jerk accept on this trade, but I'm starting to think I'm giving up too much for uncertainties at RB.  I don't like my RB situation at all and I'm not sure this trade provides me a long term fix for that either.  I won two years ago with Bortles, OBJ, McCoy and Miller.  I don't even remember who my second WR was.  I feel like there is going to be an offensive explosion this season and the WRs are going to be the beneficiaries.  Right now my team is as follows.

  • QB -D.Watson
  • QB - Bortles
  • RB - McCoy
  • RB - J. Wilkins
  • RB -Ware
  • WR - OBJ
  • WR - Thielen
  • WR - Samuel
  • WR - C. Kirk
  • TE - Ertz
  • IDP's - JJ Watt, Hunter, Wagner, L. David, Van Noy, S. Davis, M. Hyde, Mo Hurst, J.Jones, V. Burfict (start 2-DL, 3-LB, 2-DB)
  • Redshirts - J. Jackson, D. Cain, L. Vander Esch
I'd stand pat, think Thielen is undervalued, particularly in ppr.   He's clearly your #2 WR.

And while your RB's are terrible for dynasty, Carson and Barber are long shots that they are the answer.


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