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Gronk Owners: Hail Mary TE Options (1 Viewer)


Not sure about  you, but the Gronk news Saturday afternoon blindsided me. No indication he would be out after looking good vs KC and at least getting limited practice all week.

Anyways, it's slim pickings out there. I don't even see any typical expert "sleepers" on my wire. For the desperate, some options:

* Charles Clay @INDY -- Indy 5th worst in terms of points against the TE position. Maybe D. Anderson will focus on TE passes. Bonus: While reports indicate Gronk is "expected to play" next week in week 8, I'm sure we'll all be holding our breath. And week 8 is a Monday night game. Against who? Buffalo. Clay could cover you here as well.

* G. Everett @SF -- SF also pretty lousy against the TE in terms of PA. J. Graham carved them up. With C. Kupp out, Everett could take on a bigger role.

* V. Davis vs DAL -- DAL is middling vs the TE. More importantly, Alex Smith may be down all of J. Crowder, P. Richardson, and C. Thompson. Somebody has to catch the ball.

* N. O'Leary vs DET -- Guy came out of nowhere last week and is playing over Gesecki. A "move" TE. May be a fluke.

* C. Herndon vs MN -- Rookie for the Jets. Caught a TD last week. MN also lousy at covering the TE.

Who you throwing a hail mary to?

interesting tidbit :  San Francisco has allowed a tight end to score or gain 100 receiving yards in five of six games (CBS sports)

I am rolling with  O'Leary.  Coaches and players seem to love his effort and what he has showed in practice.  Seems he has leapfrogged over highly drafted prospects.  

Rolled with Gates thinking he had a shot at a TD anyway. Yuck. 

14 team league and half of them rostering 2 TEs.  Long time since I had to reach this far down the barrel for a starter at any position. 

Keep going back and forth between Clay, V. Davis, and Everett.

Now leaning Everett for upside. LAR are going to score. Kupp is out so maybe he's a bigger part of the game plan.

Also starting Indy D so kinda don't want to start Clay and have a bad feeling that DAL is going to beat down Wash with no weapons there.

Good thread 

I had narrowed it down to clay and Davis before seeing thread. Went clay.

gueesing Anderson safety valves to clay

Davis still likely plays 2nd choice against reed

is my thought process wrong?

i like your point about clay next week if Gronkowski is out next week too 


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