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Gronk trade. Opinions wanted (1 Viewer)


I tried for OJ Howard instead, but no dice.

This is dynasty PPR. I have Herndon & Gesicki behind Gronk.

Was offered Burton & Edelman for my Gronk & Golladay. I'm on the fence with Shaheen coming back soon. Also, should I try to give MVS or Boyd instead of Golladay? Yay or nay?

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Hmm...kind of a tough one. Galloday and Burton are obviously the key pieces considering it's a dynasty league. I'd be inclined to hold onto Galloday as he should have the greater future upside. And with Herndon doing okay lately, you can survive(ish) without Gronk for the time being.

Nope, keep Gollday. Edelman and Gronk could both be done after this year, so for dynasty purposes you are looking at getting Burton for ??? I would rather have Golladay, MVS and Boyd than Burton. So move on.

I'd rather just keep Gronk than any of these things. Feel like his value is at an all-time low, it can only go up. I wouldn't trade Golladay by himself for Burton/Edelman.


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