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Guillotine League needs 1 owner (1 Viewer)


$65 Guillotine League needs 1 owner

Hey guys,
This will be the leagues 4th year running. It is an 18 team guillotine league. There is no h2h but instead every week the team with the lowest amount of points is eliminated. The eliminated teams entire roster will be put on the waiver wire and available for all remaining teams.

Entry fee: $65
Draft: regular snake draft Sept. 5 8:15pm est
Trades allowed
Money stored and paid through leaguesafe
Waivers: FAAB ($2000 budget/team)
Site: Sleeper

Playoff format: Once 4 teams remain eliminations are done. All 4 teams play the final (15-18) weeks and the winner is determined by total points accumulated during those weeks.


1st $550

2nd $245

Weekly Prizes(through week 15)

1st $25

Covid disclosure: probably no longer needed, but in case...In the scenario where the season does not finish, the remaining teams will split the pot evenly.

If interested or if you have questions reply on here or email rstezar@yahoo.com

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