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Gunther Cunningham to stay in KC (1 Viewer)


I am not sure if this is a honda, but

According to the Kansas City Star and Associated Press reports, new Chiefs coach Herm Edwards will retain defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, thus ending speculation that Tampa Bay defensive line coach Rod Marinelli will wind up in Kansas City as Edwards' defensive coordinator. Marinelli interviewed for Detroit's head coaching position on Monday.


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I think the biggest question in KC is whether Saunders will get a HC job or not, and if not whether he will stay as OC in KC.

My take is that Saunders will be the HC of the Oakland Raiders. That combined with Herm Edwards hiring and Cunningham staying does not bode well for the Chefs.

too many NFL organizations have used the phrase "assistant head coach" that I think it's still possible Marinelli or Henderson follow him there.This is not a guy like Zimmer in Dallas, in that a new coach walked into a top notch DC already with the team. Gunther's Ds haven't been very good IMO. If Herm prides himself on D, I don't understand this move.


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