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Gurley for Hunt/Thielen (1 Viewer)


Can’t believe I am asking this but someone made me an offer for Gurley that is going to be tough to turn down.  I hate the idea of giving up Gurley so I am hoping that someone will talk me out of it ?

He offered his Hunt and thielen for my Gurley and John Brown 

10 team redraft  ppr league.  Start qb/2 rb/2wr/te/flex

my team


gurley ,Conner, Fournette , A Jones, L Miller

Adams, Hilton,  D-Jax, MVS,  John Brown


his team 


cook, Hunt, Michel, breida

thielen, Ridley, JuJu, Gordon, Agholor 


would you make this deal?

I think I accept that deal.  I think your team is better and more consistent with that package in your lineup. 


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