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Hall of Fame Game Tonight - What are you looking for? (1 Viewer)


I'm anxious to see how Lamar Jackson does.  I think he's definitely the starter at year end.  The question is how soon he takes the job.

that'll make up for the new catch rule.  Smh.  They literally can call a helmet tackle on anything, players are all confused again at camp.
The NFL claims RBs and QBs diving into a pile (short yardage, goal line) will not be flagged.  I'm curious as to what happens when a player is running parallel with the GL and puts his head down to dive across the line and hits a LB.

Same. Also just stoked to watch football on my television again. And my Bears at that. They were scheduled for the HOF game a couple years back and it got cancelled. 

Interested to see if Breshad Perriman and Kevin White can do anything.  I know i still own White on a team and there's a chance I kept or traded for Perriman in a rebuild.

I'll be looking to see how they utilize Cohen and where he lines up. There was some stuff out of early camp reports that they were going to line him up all over, will be interesting to see if we get a glimpse of that.

Lasley and Miller for me. Really hoping Miller doesn't do much as trying to desperately acquire him before kickoff!

For the first time ever, I won’t even tune in. Dinner party with friends tonight. Plus, my interest in the NFL decreases every season. 

I think they take one small step for new rules, one giant leap towards two-hand tag tonight.

So exciting!!!

How the bears use Cohen and how Anthony Miller looks. Lots of people like him. I would love to see him do something that gets me excited. 

See how Anthony Miller, Jordan Lasley, do in their first action. Want to see how Mitch handles his first real action in the new offense; the training camp reports haven't been glowing.

Why is it on a Thursday night this year?  Was it always on a Thursday?
Probably so that if it thunders or the field catches fire or they melt the logo into concrete they have a cance to reschedule for Saturday or Snday rather than cancel and risk another ridiculous attention-seeking lawsuit...

So, according to our Human Resources department at work, "Start of NFL Preseason Day" is NOT a national holiday, and even if it were it would be considered one of those we don't get the day off for.


I'm probably more interested in who's not playing - i.e. anyone who plays meaningful time in this game is probably not locked into a first team role right now. 

Oh good, nearly every Bears player that I would give a #### about isn't playing. Guess I can go do something else with my next few hours.

Collinsworth got his wish. Non-catches are now catches. No way that was an INT for Chicago.

Why even bother having replay with this new catch rule? Ball hits the ground and moves and now it's a catch.

Why even bother having replay with this new catch rule? Ball hits the ground and moves and now it's a catch.
This helmet rule is concerning. Those types of hits happen all the time. You can’t control if someone is dipping to the ground when you’re in the middle of your tackle. And they’ll be fining the #### out of players for it.

Sitting. Only Lamar will be worthwhile to watch. Maybe Ryan Nall or Gus Edwards if the third string linemen are tolerable.
Yeah I’m a ####### idiot.  Just got the game on a minute ago and assumed that was trey burton.  Though I thought he looked terrible physically... :bag:


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